My Dear Solace

Honest confessions and a transparent face
It appears there, my Dear Solace

Acceptance so pure for anyone’s race
It rises there, my Dear Solace

Basking in glory of Divine’s grace
It spreads there, my Dear Solace

Within me I discovered a place,
It resides there, my Dear Solace.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.54.04 AM

In a world full of layered characters, I come across many with a sweet coating while beneath lies everything bitter or even rotten. The kinds no one would want to taste again.
In my search for comfort among them I landed up at the doorstep of some meditative tools that turned me inward. Since then the least I do is hold myself responsible for the climate
in my mind and the resultant effect on the body.

I had nailed the source and then it got a lot easier to find solutions. Though fixing is a challenge for many due to inconsistent application. Much like the majority, I used to give up if results didn’t appear quick. But remember that patience is rewarding. Stir in consistency and you are guaranteed to hit the goal.

For example, waking up to a reminder that says ‘Silence is Golden and Patience is Platinum’ does the job of keeping me on track. I deliberately fill my surroundings with quotes and statements that reiterate an idea or philosophy I want to live with. Be it the walls of the bedroom, the mirror in the bathroom or the background on my laptop, the good stuff speaks right into my face. It’s simple if you don’t come in your own way.

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