Why Don’t You?

Yourself why don’t you adore?
You’re the strength of silence and the pride of roar

Yourself why don’t you explore?
You’re the misty sky and the earthen floor 

Yourself why don’t you pour?
You’re a barrel of healing words and poetry that restores

Yourself why don’t you soar?
You’re the wings that never tire and dreams gushing at the core

Yourself why don’t you adore?
You’re a full moon’s night flaunting stars and much more

Yourself why don’t you adore?

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.54.04 AM

In short I ask you to never underestimate yourself if you’re in the habit. The universe resides in you. You must view the video on this link to know what I’m referring to.

Deepak Chopra mentions in his speech that “You are the universe looking at itself”. I kept replaying the recording just to hear him repeat that. Isn’t it profound? I say the 3 minute clip was enough to make me conscious of my existence. There’s no way to confirm these bizarre events but the sincerity and passion in his voice has turned millions into believers, including me. Another impactful line was – “If you are not bewildered or astonished by your existence, you’ve taken everything for granted”. Took me on a guilt ride because I tend to fluctuate from gratitude mode to robotic living. Wish there was a effective way to pin this in my memory. As an alternate I added it to saved videos on my Facebook account.

When lacking self-love I use reverse psychology and frame inspirational lines. To read them at a time much later is reassuring. My poetry becomes a great companion when my sob stories don’t find a good listener. Either I browse through some old ones or get on with new content if words agree to pop up. What’s your way of working through isolation? Does it make you creative, productive or dejected?

This piece was inspired by a word challenge on the Mirakee App where I was active once upon a time. Those few months brought the best out of me. ‘Why Don’t You’ – is proof of that.

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