A Self-Healing Technique That Empowered Me For Life

Isn’t it true that unless you seek, the answers will not emerge? The time is always ripe when we are pushed to the limits of unbearable pain. It could be physical or emotional. I wouldn’t exclude physical because it is directly connected to our mental state and more often than not the aches in our body signal some ignorance from our part. This is because we are always entangled in mind games and place high importance on them. Yet the irony lives on to say that we do nothing about fixing what’s broken within us.

Nevertheless, among the messiest phase of my life, the simplest yet impactful healing method came to me.

Not like solutions are inaccessible. I see them being promoted in real and virtual spaces, catching up with product advertisements probably because experts know there is a growing need for it. It is more common to hear of body and mind ailments now than we ever did. The previous generations will vouch for this. Nevertheless, among the messiest phase of my life, the simplest yet impactful healing method came to me all the way from India to Dubai.

In 2017 I conceived my second baby. At a time when it should have been all hunky- dory, I was experiencing turbulence to a point where I got extremely desperate to escape the torture inflicted by my non-physical self (‘the mind’ to be precise). Today I feel proud that my thirst led me to an internal long-term solution. All thanks to the intention of saving the baby or actually I assume that ‘he’ led me to do all this. I give the baby way too much credit since my depression flipped to serenity like never before.

Don’t you usually hold on to grudges, regrets and everything unpleasant? I definitely did. Still continue it on a lighter scale though, on days when I am conscious. When the intensity goes high, this method works wonders provided ‘I want to’ sort myself.

It’s still a mystery as to why many of us cling to events that re-produce emotional discomfort. Rewinding what’s not relevant and making today worse than yesterday.

I have been there, absolutely unstable and insecure, then held the ground with consistent practice of meditative methods.

See how you build your reality with a firm base from the past and shrinking prospects of healthier associations, especially with yourself. When you get distant from your core existence, it feels like being clipped on a string by the shoulders and flying in random directions. I have been there, absolutely unstable and insecure, then held the ground with consistent practice of meditative methods and my favorite – Soul’s Temple.

Going back to 2017, a close friend who knew about every bit of the darkness I was living in, told me about a healer / therapist / counselor visiting Dubai to run some workshops.

Can’t deny that my urge to exit the madness made any and every thing sound appealing. But this was a hidden gem.

This particular one was for free and after some struggle of settling my toddler that afternoon, I managed to be seated on time. In the middle of my last trimester when I would think twice about moving out in the scorching weather of Dubai, my inner voice (and my friend Vibhuti Mutha) did everything to make sure I get there. She’s been the channel through which I reached the right healers because she intended to help me in every way possible. The title – Soul’s Temple sounded fascinating. Can’t deny that my urge to exit the madness made any and every thing sound appealing. But this was a hidden gem.

Moderated by Bandana Jhanwar, the 2-hour session moved most of us with some crying, others excited and the rest opening up about active issues in terms of relationships as well as physical troubles. It struck the right chord with every attendee wanting to speak and explore further. A few experiments with those who wanted to try out and see immediate effects, were successful. The complete healing of course depends on how long one has been suffering and how deeply rooted the problem is. But, like any other natural method, this has to be ingrained in a daily routine. From my personal experience and those who I shared with, there is a guaranteed improvement when repeated. I asked Bandana if kids can learn too and she agreed stating it works faster with them because they don’t look for logic.

Its become my first choice in situations when I don’t feel medical help is necessary. I’m not trying to sell anything here. It’s just my faith that makes me go in such detail. Here’s an excerpt from the blog of the originator – Aatmn

Identify a problem/Issue you would like to address:

Assess the severity of the problem/Issue on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 = No problem/Issue 10 = worse problem or issue.

Affirm the following statements 21 times each. All three statements together or one statement after the other.

  1. This ……… (Pain/Problem/Issue) is my Soul’s Temple

Example – The pain in my back is my Soul’s Temple.

  1. My need for the ……(Pain/Problem/Issue) is my Soul’s Temple

Example – My need for the pain in my back is my Soul’s Temple

  1. My resistance to let go of this ….(Pain/Problem/Issue) is my Soul’s Temple

Example – My resistance to let go of the pain in my back is my Soul’s Temple.

Note: You could replace Soul’s Temple with Soul’s Abode or another term that you connect with.

Re-assess your problem or pain or the issue and give a fresh number on a scale of 0 to 10. To learn more about the expected results visit The Soul’s Temple Blog

The audio version of this can be found on Aatmn’s Page where she narrates the process clubbed with her perspective of the soul’s journey. You could also YouTube by searching for Soul’s Temple Meditation. It is so soothing to hear her voice especially with headphones plugged in. On days when I need help to calm down, this does the magic. There are numerous challenges you could work on by forming statements relevant to you. I’ve created some like ‘my anger is my souls temple’, ‘my toothache is my souls temple’, ‘my interrupted sleep at night is my soul’s temple’ and lots more. I’ll give additional examples in a blog post sometime later and connect it with this one. For those interested or seriously looking for long term help please get in touch with the team on their Facebook Account or  contact Aatmn

My only intention is to share the benefit so there’s more of self-healing and that people get some control over their condition because I firmly believe in taking charge of all that falls under my influence. Kind of detest perpetual blamers and self-victims. You must come home and fix yourself. That’s who you have to live with after all.

5 thoughts on “A Self-Healing Technique That Empowered Me For Life

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  1. I read it, it was amazing…… I also want to do soul temple for my brother’s job bcoz right now he is jobless and bearing family responsibility….. soul temple done by me will help him in getting his Airlines job again as he is having only experience of Airlines…… If yes soul temple helps than what should I Affirm please help


    1. Hi Ruchira, Thanks for reading and giving feedback. Soul’s Temple is more of a method that helps to relieve symptoms like stress, anxiety, depression etc that show up due to such situations. Your brother and you could work on first dealing with the disturbing emotions that are giving rise to negative energy in you by affirming ‘My worry of being jobless is my soul’s temple’, ‘ my need for the worry of being jobless is my soul’s temple’, ‘my resistance to let go of the worry of being jobless is my soul’s temple.’.
      You could add other statements depending on what you or your brother are feeling. If you are looking for more help kindly connect with Aatmn (contact link on my blog) and the team though attracting a job is not something that gets resolved through this. From my experience I recommend connecting with Naran Balakumar who has a blog – http://www.reachnaran.com/blogs/
      You can search on ‘switch words for finding a job’. Many people have confirmed in testimonials about Naran’s solutions changing their life situations. Just stay consistent with whatever you do and keep doing with faith when you find a method. good luck.


  2. Thank you, Sachi. Very well written blog. We are so glad you have applied Soul’s Temple in your routine life. Keep sharing with all. Let it go and let Soul’s Temple touch many more lives…


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