Where Shadows Lead

You are the light
To which
Darkness comes
To be redeemed
Of itself,
Reaching for wholeness
When destiny decides
To break.

A miracle,
Appears after
A Journey
Through guilt,
Loss carries
The Joy Of

Night gives
Morning receives
In glory,
Letting go
In silence,
Feeling complete,
The other
As oneself.

Shadows, the parts of our nature that we learnt to put aside as not ‘beautiful’ enough to exist, grow over time. Ultimately, they overpower the ‘goodness’ that this world demands as an expression of being ‘normal’. As we collectively choose not to acknowledge those ‘unwanted’ traits, the urge to express them becomes stronger. Repression or rejection never did help with elimination.

Opening ourselves to discomfort leads to stories playing in our heads which cause those emotions to emerge. Unresolved internal matters are made obvious by life, with situations repeating and getting tougher to settle. If only we would have courage to pay attention and note our patterns, we could clearly see shadows as a way of being pursued towards light.

Darkest Moments Are Gateways To The Other Side.


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