Weights, Dumbbells And Spiritual Wisdom

A quote by Baba Ram Dass “The next message you need is always right where you are” makes much more sense now than it ever did. Lately, repeated experiences are revealing a new-born perspective. I read a book for maybe a 5th time and wondered why the chapters were still unfamiliar? Some videos by Sadhguru which were part of my daily listening once upon a time, are now imparting fresh lessons. The anxiety I had around certain people does not come up. My husband curiously questioned the change in my reaction, I promptly uttered “peace inside means peace outside”. An unplanned statement that left me stunned.

This newness hinted an indisputable connection between the inside and outside (believed to be independent of each other). Imagine a pole that appears to have two ends, but are actually part of a single solid piece where one can’t be removed from the other. I sensed something similar. One invisible and indivisible unit between events being played within and those projected outside. For it, the body is not a barrier or mark of separation, but a medium through which life displays itself. And so, the One could also be a common space holding the queries of my heart and answers to it. A neutral voice within that often speaks to me whispered “Maybe you are in it and it is in you, there’s nowhere to go, what you look for is right here, go with the flow”.

It got more obvious when, one day I walked into a gym having no clue about the discovery in waiting. That instant felt like being unplugged from the pre-programmed world and switching to a source of unusual information. Though strange and unfamiliar, there was an essence of being home.

What surfaced during that visit can most accurately be described as evidence of freedom from myself (the personality that had me trapped). Indeed, a response from the universe to my invitation for healing.

This is a recollection, from that day, of rare yet basic wisdom that hides under a rubble of generational/societal belief systems that we are hooked onto unconsciously.

1. When Judgment Didn’t Show Up– I was struck by pure observation, not comparing anyone to a pre-conceived image, realizing the habit of labelling everyone otherwise. Definitions of good/bad, right/wrong against which I match people, were not coming into play. The auto-mode had been turned off. In that moment I saw the pattern, in which, society is caught and unknowingly continues to spread.

I watched people struggling with different physical weights, aware that each of them started at a different time in their life and are working their way through to the next level. When effort and stress were visible somehow my opinions stayed inactive. “Everyone’s trying their best within their capacity“, said that neutral voice within. Though, in life, when people give a hard time, I often fail to see the unapparent weight in their troubled hearts, that keeps them from overcoming what isn’t allowing them to move forward. An essential daily reminder, that each one is always trying their best.

2. Noticing The Unnoticed – Most of our muscles stay dormant with the current lifestyle. Our body is not exposed to certain physical strain necessary for optimal functioning. So, those who begin workouts have a hard time due to soreness. I have witnessed over the years with my husband expressing pain as he progressed. It was evident and easy to speak of. Yet the effects of emotional turmoil are ignored or misinterpreted.

That day, my vision expanded to notice the possibility of wounds caused by heavy emotions. While some receive guidance to resolve, many take it on their shoulders without access to support. I hope this realization alerts me when interacting with those who appear rough on the outside, knowing it reflects what’s going on inside.

3. At Our Core, We Care – People were at ease with no symptoms of arrogance while assisting each other carry dumbbells and bars to reach their goals. No hesitation to ask for or receive help, made me wonder, why not be as effortless outside a fitness regime? What brings out that aspect while training, where we are naturally inclined to be there for each other? Why is it less of a competition and more of a union? The fusion of targets from individual to impersonal sent out a deep message of our innate selflessness.

4. Power Is Not Acquired But Realized – No one ever did borrow strength from another, it was only a matter of time when they reached a potential that was stored in their cells. I had woken to recognize that I am home to everything, and no borders exist between what can be conceived and achieved. I draw, all that is, from a space that is universally available to all of us while personal limitations are a result of false beliefs passed on by a collective mindset.

5. Staying In The Moment – Most meditations aim at bringing our attention from thoughts, to this moment. This is why breath is the most useful tool to help calm mental activity, because its always ‘here’, People were doing exactly that at the gym. Their focus was concentrated on specific muscles with conscious breathing. They were being brought to a meditative state! It was relieving to see profound spiritual influence at work beyond a superficial transformation.

Ultimately, when we are ready, the knowledge from ancient books becomes evident in almost any activity and changes our approach towards life. Perhaps, mysteries were created and secrets were placed in a manner that’s simpler than our complicated minds can decipher.

Its Right Here, While We Are Too Busy Being Elsewhere


One thought on “Weights, Dumbbells And Spiritual Wisdom

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  1. I have learned too that:
    1)’Peace inside means peace outside’.
    2) Being Non Judgemental keeps you down to earth.
    3) Not to react to instigating remarks because we do not know what the opposite person is going through.
    4) Selfless care makes us humble.
    5) Power and strength is acquired with time and maturity and should be applied with humbleness.
    6) Yoga is the best tool to calm our thoughts.


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