Mind Games

Chances are you have been on a seesaw at least once in your lifetime. But did you know, it is also your life? That’s because your mind makes it so, having two ends, sometimes holding up on one thought and moments after dumping the same. Balance doesn’t come naturally to it as the core is left intentionally loose to give the riders a sense of having fun in the ups and downs. Thus, it believes and is accustomed to this movement keeping itself occupied in the do’s/dont’s, should/shouldn’t, can/cannot, want/don’t want, like/dislike and other contradicting ideas that tempt you to pick a position. Does that mean the mind and you are not the same? Is there a way to step away and continue living? You could either wonder, come to a conclusion or enter an endless world of mystery if it calls for attention.

For now, the point is to notice that we repeatedly practice going high and low in our response to people and situations, invariably lacking the experience of bringing ourselves to the level where either viewpoints are not judged. For example, a compliment in the morning may throw us right up and unpleasantness coming in couple of hours later has us hitting the ground because we are automated to –
1. Take most of it personally.
2. Segment the way we perceive.

It’s unbelievably quick, thanks to many years of unconsciously being included in this method of functioning. This is due to a lack of basic understanding of how information gets processed by the receiver. Usually, we end up owning what is said and add it to our identity either as ‘good/bad’ or ‘acceptable/unacceptable’. The mind creates this division and actively splits everything within because it has never been introduced to a holistic view. One where, we are not for or against, agreeing or disagreeing, liking and disliking. An internal space where the motion that drains our energy comes to a halt. Since the mind has proven to show potential in learning how to distinguish, dissect and classify (people and events), there is undoubtedly the capacity to redo the system into perceiving in a more harmonious and universal way.

Is it not, then, unfortunate to see that the education system has missed out on lessons about the mind which is the primary tool we use to absorb, break down and convey, and is fundamental to our life? Our relationships, interactions and personal progress depends heavily on this, yet it hasn’t gathered sufficient attention. While being the foundation of and major influence in building connections with others and ourselves, the importance of psychology hasn’t been emphasized enough. While I explore it independently to help my children by assisting myself to know why I am the way I am, the subject gets endlessly fascinating. When I chose myself to top my interests, everything else seemed secondary. I realized, if this part of my existence does not intrigue me I will fail to understand life. While I view one with the other, both remain inseparable.


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  1. The mind plays these two sided-games and we fall prey to them. But if we train the mind to control our emotions, thoughts and conclusions we can direct our words and actions for the better.


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