Lost, Only To Be Found

An unknown realm opened itself today and these words did not resist making their way on the blank pages of my diary. The instant pouring did not require consulting the contents of my mind, except for giving it a rhyme. This is the most natural expression of untouched thoughts –

Melting went I, today
from the waves of
rising emotions,
to the entirety of an ocean.
Watching them drop
into my vastness
only to become me
when myself, as them,
I no longer see.
The immeasurable I am,
The Divine,
never lost, yet searching
within myself for me.

Fragments of this
nature of mine
dancing by the surface
forgetting oneness,
to alone shine.
Why then do I
resist and judge
that which carries
a part of me?
Would ever the mother
not love a child
that takes on its quality?

Me, the ocean,
longs uniqueness
forcing waves and ripples,
only to renew
my wish for calmness
until I’m bored again.

What ascends
comes rolling down,
such is its fate
never closing rounds,
Why then do I cling imagining
a permanent stay
of the emotion
that forms a wave?
Allow them their rhythm,
to myself I say
why hear noise in a melody
that stepped right out of me?

When the ocean
chooses to spectate
the wholeness of itself,
sealing the critic’s eye
the waves settle, feeling free
to be themselves and again die.

As the creator fades
the veil of separation,
dissolving, a relief, to its creation.

Feel free to comment and express your interpretation and share instances when such an experience turned the course of your life.

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