Bringing The Invisible To Life

Have you ever soaked in wonderment of the origin of sounds, textures, aromas, flavors and appearances? The ever-moving, unmovable, expanding, static, gigantic, unnoticeable, shaped, scattered, the ones with breath and those without. Did their seeds lie, at the beginning of time, in a field that permeates imagination? Where else would they first be ‘planned’ before showing up on this side of existence? What gives them the specific features that are identifiable and received by other beings? Reflect with innocence, what forms the chirping of birds, functioning of trees, fluidity of water, the heat in fire, shades of nature, and all that you come in connection with. This simple activity can lead you to a series of hints opening the world that sits in silence.

Seated within, the five senses, produce experiences of the multi dimensional display, what we consider a reality. While a constant nurturing ‘in’ and ‘of’ the unseen brings it together with absolute precision. I used ‘in’ and ‘of’ to convey how the hidden elements serve as a ground for multiplying themselves. The work goes on in this space unobserved as the projected play of events at the forefront keeps us hooked, while that which records stays obscure.

It has taken many hours of withdrawing from the five inlets for me to notice such intricacies that carry a mystery of ordinary nature though are indescribable when discovered. (Somehow, I’m waiting to come across someone who would share a similar fascination) With incidents of great volume and impact surrounding the planet, who would bother noticing the veins on a leaf and question the source. It seems insignificant enough to stay outside the boundaries of our attention. Because we find ourselves drawn to the complicated and sophisticated clutter to get a feel of our intelligence. Topics that are heavy to grasp, get through or the ones which stretch into endless conversations of happenings that make it to media. Why go to a primitive thought process of analyzing how and where life springs from? Because it happens anyway, by chance. Or does it?

Switching between both modes of viewing life, a message came flowing through in thought about the unpopular virus that has gripped millions of bodies and the uncountable minds of those who have not yet suffered its presence. It turned my focus to examining the scene from infancy to it becoming a full fledged disaster, in spite of its invisible characteristic. To what do we attribute the havoc created in the physical realm? Is it really comparable to the magnitude of mental turmoil across the globe, and have we been able to gather statistics for it? How could we, in the absence of an apparatus capable of detecting, containing and weighing that which can deceive us of its existence?

It can fairly be described as the formless enemy (virus) conquering the formless victim (mind/energy) through its formless allies (fear, anxiety, insecurity), growing its territory (in bodies) just because we haven’t advanced to perceive that level. Its busier in that unseen domain than what fills our outer vision, as each cluster of emotions, thoughts and their counterparts battle to reign the planet. Isn’t it so, as fear rises to dominate by releasing its army and beating its opposition because ‘we’ cling to it longer than anything else. The focus and energy placed upon fear feeds it with confidence to stay longer, ultimately helping it thrive. This is precisely how we add life to everything that comes across in thought, unknowingly turning it into patterns that recur in the background as we haven’t learnt the art of letting go. We give comfort and space to what makes us uncomfortable, what an irony!

I wish we muster courage to watch, change and defeat our old self, which hasn’t brought us much relief. As we move away from the compulsion to think and speak of it, the virus may lose interest to stay longer in absence of the attention it once received. The environment will then become unfit, forcing it to find the way out of our lives. This is an invisible reality which I hope we can bring to life, just as we did with everything else that is.

When will you begin to believe that which you haven’t come to believe yet?

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