Who Are You, If Not The Creator?

Have you ever challenged yourself to dig into the ongoingness of certain patterns? Or bothered to demystify the repeating occurrences that never seem to leave you? What about the constant feeling of incompleteness or discontentment that lingers in a subtle zone of your invisible existence? My curiosity had me explore all of this until I could decode the cause of these major influences.

It narrowed down to the extremes of duality (eg. guilt/forgiveness, judgment/non-judgment, desire/disappointment, devil/savior) that made up a circle, while I mistakened it to be a rope being pulled in opposite directions by different people. It was ironically a relief and more deeply a sort of liberation when the fact opened up itself to be that- one individual stood on both sides. Hence it formed a loop that began and concluded at an exact spot, and in the same hands. And so in whose capacity was it, all this while, to undo it? Here I lay a spiral of words that uncoiled this mystery of the mind –

From I, rises fear
From I, the perpetuation
From I, the ideal who rescues
Is there a connection?

From I, a desire births
From I, the prediction
From I, the dis-heartened
Is there an addiction?

From I, emerges guilt
From I, the retribution
From I, the urge to correct
Is there a reflection?

From I, appears anger,
From I, the accusation
From I, the bias to be calm
Is there a compulsion?

From I, stems judgment
From I, the conclusion,
From I, the freedom to be myself
Is there an obsession?

From I, flows reality
From I, the manifestation
From I, the world conceived
Where is the confusion?

I’m always here to clear it for myself and those who feel connected to me.


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