One Body, Many Lives

Many of us are raised with fear and reminded about the consequences of not abiding by the standards of the society. A society that itself changes its perspective and requirements of what they want to see in a person to be acceptable. Imagine the variety of people, each with their own set of rules, constantly judging, bugging, crushing, cutting and keeping busy with sculpting you in a piece that will never be good enough for anyone. That’s because you have allowed the passing over of the chisel in multiple hands, and so those random curves and slits come to represent the disorder within. A masterpiece that could have been the outcome of one artist, turns into a laughing stock that belongs nowhere.

In dominating our lives, this larger community has taught us to hide, lie, be fake, sacrifice and do everything to portray an image that is in conflict with what we truly are. In being overpowered by this majority, we are pulled into replicating their behaviors and putting aside the uniqueness with which we were meant to live. Mirroring of this has shown us recurrence of separation all around. This splitting is a reflection of living two or more lives within ourself, some for showing and ‘the one’ that yearns to walk through the door for ultimate acceptance. The insecurity of not having a winning number of votes, holds back that part of us even though the door is open or probably not even there. And when our shadow, the result of internal division, is saturated with the pretension it gives up and makes space for the real being to appear.

Often that event brings resistance because the control has been restored to its original owner. The obsession of having their influence on you is now being dismissed, which forces them to break their habit. But the best method to bring correction is – ‘not try at all’. Instead redirect that energy towards strengthening your emotional or mental immunity for that may be the single way back home.

Reflect on how many lives have accumulated as part of you, note them down and feel which one is most like you. Let go of the rest.

Be You to Be Free.


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