The Calling

Every event of suffering
is a reminder
and an opportunity
to reinvent yourself.

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I’ve come a long way from being a hardcore pessimist to reaching this line of thought. And it was possible only because I was seeking a way out of the self-created madness in my head and the resulting chaos in my life. While solutions to issues were only putting them to rest, they were not placing in my hands the power to balance through upcoming ones. So I shifted my energy from resolving problems to rewiring myself. Also realizing that the old pattern of reacting either in fear, anxiety, guilt, anger or any disturbing emotion was serving the same results and in fact chasing away people, I took a dive into the vast online world for spiritual knowledge.

One after the other, philosophers and some influential spiritual gurus caught my attention and a daily routine was set to play their videos. Particularly, Sadhguru’s advise is something I took seriously during that period (2017) and still do. The non-biased content in his articles and speeches stood out among all and knocked me out of my ignorance quite often. Yet, months after I would still rebound to old thinking habits (yeah they die hard!) which made me wonder about the short span of its effect. A handful of close connections noticed this too and questioned the integrity of my devotion for Sadhguru’s teachings. Sentiments were hurt yet I knew there was a next level which was beyond my current vision.

I’m still unable to recollect how I led to register for a 11 day meditation retreat called Vipassana. It was impulsive, like many decisions in my past but promised not to cause regret. I guess the credit goes to the residual memory of a meeting with my close childhood friend who had come out of it reformed and rejuvenated. She filtered her learnings while sharing with me but those sufficed in creating curiosity to test it for myself.

Every effort and sacrifice (of living away from family) to be a part of the course and the continuity of the practice has taken me miles ahead of where I could have ever imagined to be. With consciousness taking the front seat, feels like I have a new set of senses. People and situations are the same but what’s being projected inside my mind is unbelievably non-disturbing (provided I follow the prescribed frequency of practice).

Indeed, its clarity within us that transforms our existence and as more people get on board the spiritual/ inner journey, the world will be the kind of happy place we all want it to be.

Start with you because that’s where your control lies and as your wings spread, others would want to know how to grow them too 🙂

Safe Flight!

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