Scoops Of Joy – Now, Later Or Never?

How often have you allowed yourself to be pushed for a choice that doesn’t sit well with your plans, values, circumstances or state of mind? On the flip side, how quickly do you withdraw a decision, based on influence of anyone but yourself, that leads to a brighter and more fulfilled life?

Once the goal is flagged and you’re equipped in every sense to crush those hurdles but then someone comes cutting in to manipulate your vision! Sounds familiar? They turn your head in every other direction and throw in guilt and possibility of failure to blur the sight. Do you then begin to stagger?

I’d say resist before you are tempted to digress especially if you’ve achieved clarity after a hell lot of work. Its uncommon for many a human kind to have precision in personal settings. And, after all, it’s you who’s GOT TO live with it every second the clock goes ticking, so stick on. There is no such thing as a perfect consequence, but in chaos will come relief when you are the initiator. Unless, of course, the ‘Game Of Blames’ is your forte.

And where are you placed when it comes to being popular by putting around a robe of sacrifice and sanctity? It’s easy peasy to measure. If you’re dragging yourself with the obvious heavy lifting of pretension, then you’ve scored high in that category.

Guess an analogy would help out here.

IF people care enough, they would put themselves in your pretty shoes only in their imagination. The real shoe bites are on you. With those cuts and burns not receiving any sort of therapy, you must know it’s a wrong fit no matter how gorgeous it is. Your silent screams are your undesired companions that ultimately breed jealousy making you shun those who build life on their own terms. You will turn into one dissatisfied ball of fire engulfing happy beings into your world.

I only feel pity for those who criticize me and similar characters for unique and unpopular ways of leading roles as a wife, mother and generally a married Indian girl. This could very well be applicable to men adopting untraditional attitudes. Being unorthodox in my approach and still maintaining a balanced atmosphere time and again has reinstated my confidence(credit goes to husband too). The least I’d want to manifest is a frustrated version of myself with solid regrets of not tasting scoops of joy, for they were never served again.

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