Fair Play

It requires a lot more strength
not to hurt others
when they’ve caused you pain
than it takes to harm them.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.54.04 AM

Do you think otherwise? Is there true power in holding back or copy pasting the acts of your sinners upon them? You could have creative styles of vengeance, but the bottom line is what in your cluster of values tells you this is the ultimate form of justice?

Sowing agony, or carrying the intention of doing so, in the life of those who’ve trespassed your peace has no scope of improving either the individual nor the situation. Majority of us resist with the fear of having to face karma while only a handful have reached the ancient wisdom of observing it as the act of a dimmed soul. On isolating the wrong doings and studying the person in question, you’ll make a discovery that realization requires showing the fruits of mercy and pardoning. If sides switched, wouldn’t that be your expectation?

Someone must put the full-stop, let it be you!

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