Why Be Self-less To See More

The scintillating sun rising,
Doesn’t lift your mood,
The trees exhaling oxygen,
For your breath its a food,
The gravity carries power,
Its a source of control,
And you think your arrogance
Gives the body a hold?
If nature became like you,
And stopped giving itself,
Your mortality would be proven,
Like a lifeless body,
Packed in a shelf.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.54.04 AM

Our ego is like a eye patch, shutting us from viewing pathways leading to the magnificence and generosity of creation that works around the clock. It doesn’t seem to hit us that we are so tiny to be fighting for control and power while time trickles going down the drain in these senseless wars to prove who is right and wrong. Aren’t we ignorant of how precisely nature operates to shelter and support our survival? Every second of our lives we are receiving and because there is an uninterrupted stream of elements keeping us alive, it goes unnoticed.

I was traveling recently and stood at the base of a cluster of mountains feeling humble as they stared back in silence with no sign of arrogance in spite of the altitude. There wasn’t a way I could cover half their height in my capacity and a message popped up naturally, that in no moment I must assume of my existence to be greater or superior to any other on the surface of this planet. A picture capturing that scene is at the background of my phone to permanently paste the thought of modesty. Doesn’t mean I halt my journey to harness the power of my mind, but to reinstate the attitude of continuing in humility without undermining any other form of life. To be slipping on either side of the scale happens faster than bringing that balance. I’m still trying. Are you?


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