Does Reality Create You Or You Create It?

We are victims of reality because we believe that it creates us. By reality I mean the mindset of the masses and the resulting behaviors. We feel too weak as an individual or a minority to follow a path that goes against this ‘reality’ and continue being part of what’s acceptable.

How could we ignore the fact that ‘this reality’ was built over time by some people’s beliefs and actions. The people who were powerful enough to leave a tradition of what meant most to them. Very often we kneel down helplessly and that’s because our faith has not matured enough to stand by relentlessly. If someone can create the reality that causes imbalance to lives then someone can definitely lead the design of a reality that does the opposite. If that someone, doesn’t wake up, act and be the catalyst for change, the generations to come will wonder (much like us), why no one ever tried to repaint this reality.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.54.04 AM

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