The Flip Side

They found me unattractive for my dark skin
I showed them the radiance of my beautiful mind

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.54.04 AM

I grew up to believe that the shade of my skin was a curse and that I wouldn’t be accepted in a decent Indian household because the wheat-ish tone meant being excluded from those defined as ‘beautiful’. Lots of free tips came my way to brighten up the naturally acquired color of mine and I innocently adopted each of them assuming each move was a step closer to becoming the ideal package. Apart from the innumerable other characteristics that needed fixing (in my opinion), this topped the list because it was the most visible and pricked people’s vision. The confidence in stating this comes from the unhesitant remarks I received that contributed to sculpting an inferior view of myself.

As an adolescent it was heartbreaking to be on the receiving end of inconsiderate behavior from those who had experienced more of life. It was a false impression that age has anything to do with maturity or kindness.

But I’m not here to give a sob story. My intention is usually to dig a little into the rough past and then give assurance of possibility to get over it. Once you learn to tackle the worst, you slowly begin to become immune and your focus inevitably shifts to doing better for yourself. And when the ‘self’ is content with its progress the tendency is to replicate it for the society. At the least, diagnose and medicate your woes to have one less miserable soul, which also means making this world a better place within your capacity.

My physicality was overshadowed by my passion to express through poetry and the appreciation I received was a testimony to the talent that was once sitting on a blind spot. My gratitude goes out to those who speak lavishly of my work. The energy in their words has been serving as food for my thought. I choose where my power comes from.

You too pin this in your memory – Your source decides your course. Where are you headed?


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  1. wishing u all success in this journey of discovering your ‘self’ !!!
    the soul has these lessons to learn before it can move on!


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