Why We Choose Not To Forgive

How often have you been forgiven and by who? The answer to this will occur only if you have self-confessed the wrong doings. Or else you continue blindfolded in the direction of self-righteousness. I diverged couple of years ago to join the rare breed of forgivers, until then I believed philosophers and other learned people were fooling around by writing fancy quotes to get attention. It didn’t make sense to ‘let go’ of my invisible hold on those who attacked my serenity. Because more power lied in convicting them in my thoughts where I was the mighty self-crowned judge. The imaginary world is indeed a preferred place to be for most of us because we can give commands of our choice. And in the greed to rule every other person, I too didn’t realize the loss of vision. My eyes were fine but my perspective was distorted.

It is astonishing to learn that we relate punishment with leaving someone unforgiven. Because destiny, karma, the universe or God, whatever we have faith in, is either incapable of doing justice or probably favoring someone over us. So we come forward and take on the responsibility to teach a lesson. It is a rather sensible way to impart knowledge by setting an example of how to hold a grudge or indulging in revenge.

If sarcasm hasn’t done the job, try digging through other ways. At the crux of it you will discover unidentified insecurities and all other sorts of unaddressed weaknesses. If working on them seems too heavy simply try this one thing which worked wonders for me. Repeat this statement as much as you can by adding the name of the person/s you sincerely wish to release from your mind. 

“I (your name) forgive you (name of the other person) and release you, you please forgive me and release me.”

They may or may not have presence around you yet if there is a slight existence in your head that needs settlement just do this. I guarantee it won’t fail.

Learn more about this on http://www.reachnaran.com/tag/forgiveness-exercise/ 

You can also type ‘forgiveness by Naran’ on Google and get more results. I have been a follower of Naran S. Balakumar for the past 2 years and benefitted by regular reading of his blogs.

2 thoughts on “Why We Choose Not To Forgive

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  1. ur views n ur thoughts…truly commendable!!
    when u preach after practice…the world will notice!!!
    keep it up!!!


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