Reflection Over Rejection

Why ask Karma
To punish your foes
For they may further
Stoop their deeds.

The ignorant own
A mind but blind
Place a mirror
Won’t pay a heed.

Wish instead
For a vision renewed
Reflection of self
Enlightens indeed.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.54.04 AM

Punishment doesn’t bring out the same results in every person who undergoes it. We should know this from our school days. I particularly never reacted well when given a tough treatment then why is it that more and more of us want our fellow beings to experience the exact pain that they put others into? In the first place if they were bright and conscious enough they wouldn’t cause harm to anyone. It seems to be deliberate but if you watch without being attached to the situation you’ll know it is the work of a mind that is corrupted from conditioning of years and probably many births. So what they need is a clean up through self reflection because they’d not believe a word about them from the world. The ugly never would like to be termed so, then why remind them of it. Instead hope and wish that they come to an acceptance and rise out of it instead of dumping them more into it.

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