Seeing Through The Mirror That You Are

How would the sky
ever know
of its unending
if not for the mirror
that beholds
and speaks
the language of
infinite beauty.

Have you ever been fascinated by how the vastness of your surroundings sit as a reflection within you? Almond sized eyes, a body few feet tall and wide yet to be the holder of everything larger than yourself hints at something that hasn’t been explored. I wonder so often how we are physically spaced from objects and people, but nothing must walk to us for it to be perceived. It happens in real time and in fact the absence of delay creates a mystery that pulls me to discover its grounds.

I question the existence of time and distance in the non physical realm that stands between us. What in this emptiness carries the images and sounds that fall instantly into my senses? The invisible arena calls to be uncovered as I get closer to noticing its sole influence on all that I experience. More so because my level of awareness is tuned up so high that I see myself in others and then ask as to why this mirror effect? As if I was created to look at myself without being granted the knowledge of it. Like a play set up to challenge me through illusions that keep me from believing that which is being watched by me is myself. Among loads of spiritual content relevant to self-realization, one day it actually arrived when there was no intention on my side. It went losing for some unknown reason, yet the memory is being captured here as a reminder for when I shall be ready for it again.


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