Break Or Make?

Aren’t you but a candle
The heat of time
Getting you closer
To your destined end

While your talks
The unwavering flame
Guiding lost souls
All limits transcend.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.54.04 AM

We are as tender as a candle, why do we forget? Literally melting away with time having no option but to slowly lose our physical self with a capacity to either burn bridges, set on fire or clear darkness wherever we are placed. Not to ignore the fact that we’ve all done some damage in rage and ignorance though to be aware of our power is definitely life changing. We come in different colors shapes and sizes, yet at the core is a common purpose – to shine and not to destroy.
Let’s try each day to move away from causing harm. Just be and those who want to bask in your presence will stay while those who find the heat too much to handle will leave.

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