Be Your Own Light

Don’t let the light within
Blow out with the storms
Those who create them
Know only how to harm.

Shine like a lamp
No matter how little you are
They see themselves as superior,
Yet they’re too dark to come at par.

Page 46

Thoughts That Set Me Free

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.54.04 AM

When you have control over the atmosphere you create in your life, no one will be able to pull you into their darkness. And there’s no room for comparison between the one who emits light and the other who evades or destroys it. Philosophers and inspirational speakers insist that our life is 100% our responsibility and that attitude becomes a turning point for anyone. Think of it to be a tug of war between you and rest of the world. Sounds like a one-sided deal? Nope. Until you’ve tried, tested and stretched your inbuilt abilities, don’t reach a conclusion. Here I’m referring to psychological strain which is a modern day epidemic. The only way to curb the menace is to work on your self. The rest will follow.

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