Parindey (The Much Needed Flight)

Pairon tale se zameen khiskaane waale
Insaaniyat se khud ko wakif toh kar
Tu harkaton se baaz na aaya toh kya
Parwaaz bharenge parindon si fitrat pehen kar.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.54.04 AM

पैरों तले से ज़मीन खिसकाने वाले
इंसानियत से खुद को वाकिफ़ तो कर
तू हरकतों से बाज़ ना आया तो क्या
परवाज़ भरेंगे परिंदों सी फ़ितरत पहन कर

There are a million possibilities of losing your ground and having no one to fall back on. Sometimes , that pillar which you caught on to in shaky situations, may drag away that plot of space where you felt secure. Prepare for that day NOW. Build wings so when the time comes (and it will repeat itself), taking a flight becomes natural. There’s no gift better than the freedom you give yourself. Be invincible.

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